Short Stories

The Christmas Revolution

In the Death Valley Alpha-Omega Compound, Trent tries to find the spirit of Christmas among cynical revolutionaries and the forlorn outlook of his best friend, Sam. However, in the cold winter winds of a desert at night, Trent learns about the impending loss of innocence of his favorite holiday. Enjoy this vignette from "The Savant Uprising" series, taking place in December, C.E. 2267 (a year after the start of "Anamnesis" or 12 years after the events of "In Memoriam").
© 2020 Lyndsie Clark

The Adventures of Don Santiago - Part 1: La Pelusa Abroja

Come take a journey with Don Santiago - sailor, rogue, and el Gallo del Mar - as he tries to navigate the high seas in search of treasure, fame and a ship--that won't sink.
© 2020 Lyndsie Clark