Writing Diversity

This is where I put the disclaimer that there is no place for hate or discrimination on my website or any social media platform. I believe that all human should be afforded the same rights, protections, and respect. More rights for one group does not mean fewer rights for another. It’s not pie. 

That being said, representation is important. As writers, whether we like it or not, we are influencing the next generation of people. I don’t care whether you are writing Middle Grade, Young Adult, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi or w/e. Someone younger than you is going to read it. So why not help that younger person feel included and open their mind to new worlds and people who are different than them at the same time?

It’s really easy for well meaning writers to try and include diversity, only to accidentally do it wrong and make it worse. Or you avoid the issue which isn’t good anyway. Many male authors said they didn’t include women in their books b/c they didn’t know how to write them. Not an excuse. Two steps to writing minorities that aren’t you are:

  1. Do your research
  2. Ask someone of that group to sensitivity check it

While I can help with #2 a little, I can definitely help with #1. Here are some great resources I’ve found that ask the sensitive questions some authors are too scared to ask. Also, check out resources on the World Building page on general info about culture.**

Writing Race

Writing with Color is one of my favorite pages on writing BIPOC characters. They are huge and have a wide array of topics and FAQs. Here are some specific glossaries.

Writing LGBTQI+

Writing Gender

Writing Disabled Characters