Book of the Week – The Black Prism

Since my last post, I have had no fewer than 3 people recommend The Black Prism to me. Conveniently, it had also been recommended my Michael Kilman months ago and was queued on my Audible. I started it last week and want to give a huge shout out to all my friends with great taste in literature!

The Black Prism (Lightbringer Book 1) by [Brent Weeks]

This is the first book in The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. It’s set in a fantasy world where magic is performed using light, or luxin. Again, as stated in my previous post, I like unique magic systems, so this one fits the bill!

It features Gavin Guile who’s the Prism, the most powerful magic user in the world. When he finds out he has a son, he goes to great lengths to keep this secret from getting out. Meanwhile, his son Kip, loses his mother and whole village in an attack, oh and he figures out he can also draft, or cast magic using luxin.

What struck me first from this book was how very “not white” the world is. From the get go, Weeks introduces various races but discussing hair colors, skin colors, name-styles and religions. He does this in a great way as well avoiding “food names” for skin color. Also, the main characters embody this multicultural-ness in being not all white. Overall, that makes the story so rich and believable that it’s been a joy so far.

I’m still not finished with the first book yet, but boy howdy did he just drop a wrench into things! I cannot wait to see where it goes and what kind of drama the character are going to have to face before it’s over.

For a book with so much praise, so far it has not disappointed me! You can pick up The Black Prism from Amazon below.

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