Shermie Cat Explores – Part 1: The Fish

Years ago, I had designs of writing children’s books with, what better subject than my crazy cat, P. Sherman (Shermie) Greycat? Some of them would be true while others are clearly fiction. In reading back through the ones I’ve done so far, I kind of want to write more now and include Lucy P. Fur & Zebulon “Murder Mittens” Greycat of Lokishire.

I’m not writing off the idea of this fun side project, so if you know any illustrators who’d love to give life to these stories, let me know!

In the meantime, I figure I’ll put them here at least the adults I know can enjoy them. Here is a picture of the star, Shermie!

The Explorations of Shermie Cat

Episode 1: THE FISH

Shermie Cat dipped his paw into the tide pool. Today, he was going to try to catch some fish. He’d sharpened his claws and tested his reflexes against the toy mouse. He pranced around, stretching his legs. All the alley cats had laughed at him, for he did live cozy life with his favorite human! But what did they know? He could out-fish, out-mouse, and out-hunt the best of those garbage-eating alley cats.

A little splash to the left caught his attention. A small tidepool rippled with the movement of a tiny creature. He slipped a paw in and pulled it out…Nothing! Shermie never quite understood fish. They were always darting around at the slightest hint of danger. Slapping the water again with his paw, he thought maybe he could scare them?

It worked! All the fish swam this way and that, frothing the water with their confused splashing. Taking careful aim, he shot a claw into the water. Once again, he pulled it out, fish-less. He began to paw the water desperately. He had to get a fish! But no matter how hard he tried, no fish fell prey to his claws. Maybe he’d have to think of another strategy? He really wanted a silly fish for his dinner.

Shermie sauntered over to an even shallower tidepool and saw movement under the sand. This was his chance! He would catch this fish! Crouching down low on his front paws, he wiggled his tail in the air and got ready to pounce. Leaping off the rock and digging his toes deep into the sand, he landed in the pool with a splash. His claws caught something wiggly but the fish struck back and bit him on the nose!

With a yowl, he shot out of the water, flinging his prize onto the sand. But the prize would not let go of his sensitive sniffer. Rolling around, he pawed at it with his hind legs. That’s when he realized this fish was not what he expected. It had eight crawly legs, a hard body, and two sharp pinchers. Beady black eyes stared at him.

With one final, mighty push from Shermie’s strong claws, the attacker let go and scampered away. Shermie sat up wet, covered in sand, and with a stinging nose.  He began licking his fur, and his wounded pride, in despair. Oh, how the alley cats would laugh when they found out he had mistaken a crab for a fish!


What do you think? Could these two be up to some mischief in the next episode?

Let me know what you think!

Lyndsie Clark

Hi! I’m Lyndsie! Writer. Artist. Linguist. Swordfighter. Cosplayer. Model. I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, the only child of hippie parents. As a bored extrovert, I spent a lot of time in my imagination. Encouraged from an early age to write stories, I immersed myself in fantastical realms and completed my first novel at 15 years old. I have learned much since then writing more epic fantasy and dipping my toe into modern science fiction. Nowadays, my creativity has taken a darker turn as I explore dystopian worlds and post-apocalyptic futures. My cyberpunk series, The Savant Uprising, is currently in progress. I am in the process of submitting the first book, In Memoriam, for publication. I love cats, the sun, and my crazy life. Come join me on this adventure!

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