Shermie Cat Explores – Episode 3: The Move

Years ago, I had designs of writing children’s books with, what better subject than my crazy cat, P. Sherman (Shermie) Greycat? Some of them would be true while others are clearly fiction. In reading back through the ones I’ve done so far, I kind of want to write more now and include Lucy P. Fur & Zebulon “Murder Mittens” Greycat of Lokishire.

I’m not writing off the idea of this fun side project, so if you know any illustrators who’d love to give life to these stories, let me know!

In the meantime, I figure I’ll put them here at least the adults I know can enjoy them. Here is a picture of the star, Shermie!

The Explorations of Shermie Cat

Episode 3: The Move

Human was moving. She was leaving the House that she, Shermie Cat and Luna Cat shared and was moving to another House occupied by Other Human. New House came with some creatures that were very strange to Shermie. These weird creatures made The Move kind of scary for him. However, he didn’t have much choice. Human knew better, right?

One of the new creatures had four legs, fur, and pointy ears just like a Cat but she called herself a Dog. Sidnie Frog, to be exact. Shermie didn’t actually understand why a Dog allowed herself to be called a Frog, which he knew was another type of animal. But, having never met any other Dogs before, Shermie wondered if this was normal.

From the beginning, Shermie watched Dog’s bizarre behavior. She would follow Human and Other Human around New House all day then stare up at them with a longing doggy gaze. Dog was obedient to Human and Other Human’s. She always came when called and performed for them on command. She would Sit, Lay Down, Go Outside, and Play Dead (when Human said “Bang!”).

 Sidnie Frog Dog told Shermie she did this because she loved her Human. While Shermie also loved his Human, he would never besmirch his dignity by performing tasks on command. Well, maybe he’d come when called—but only food was involved!

The other new creature was neither Cat nor Dog but also not quite Human. The Humans called her Kid. She talked to them almost like the Humans talked to each other, but not quite. Sometimes she would act more like Animal, with her ear-shattering cries and unintelligible words (though no self-respecting Cat would ever would ever admit to doing THAT!). She also didn’t to understand that Shermie was Cat, not Dog or Toy.

One day, she tried to dress him up like a Human! Being mistaken for Human was almost the greatest embarrassment for Cats, only below being mistaken for Dog.

In New House Dog chased and “ruffed” at Shermie. Shermie returned the gesture by hissing, chirping and, when he was having a bad day, swipe Sidnie Frog Dog on the nose. He only used a little claw. This turned into a fun game. Shermie would creep up really close to Dog then dart away as she yapped and gnashed her teeth. Sometimes he and Dog would play the “I’m not paying attention to you” game. Shermie always won.

No one knows patience like a cat!

Kid turned out not so bad either. Shermie found her bed an ideal nap zone as it was full of pillows and blankets. She even had some pillows shaped like Cat, Dog and even Frog. Looking out from Kid’s high-up bed, Shermie felt like a great savannah Lion!

New House came with new nooks and crannies to explore. Shermie found new sunny to spend hours napping. He also discovered a Fresh Air room where he could sniff the breeze and watch the bugs and those giant metal monsters called Cars from a safe distance!

New House also had new boundaries to push! He liked to count how many times he could get himself shooed off the table. It was a great thrill! Most importantly, Human still gave him Food every day. Other Human even provided a few head scratches. He began referring to New House as only House. Human didn’t seem like she was going to move again anytime soon. Maybe New House wouldn’t be so bad House, after all!


Part 3! How do you guys like these? Should I post more?

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